PhD Studentship [self-funded]: Modelling and classifying concealed face recognition - Jan 2021

Applications are invited for a self-funded PhD project to test and model factors that interact with correct classification of concealed face recognition. Concealed face recognition is that act of denying recognition of someone you know (e.

PhD Studentship: Animal health in marine ecosystems: machine learning and data science to discover structure in unstructured data - March 2019

A great deal of data has been collected on marine animal health in the UK, including wild marine mammals and farmed salmon, but this material often exists in formats that are not amenable to large-scale analysis.

PhD Studentship: Domain Specific Optimisation Techniques for Real-time Image/Signal Processing on Heterogeneous FPGA+CPU platform - March 2019

The increasing pervasion of vision systems in a number of application fields like machine vision, autonomous vehicles and systems, wearable and mobile devices, object detection and tracking, brings with it the need for the development of efficient and low power data and image processing capabilities.

[2019-2022] (ST Microelectronics/Univresity of Stirling: £143.75K) PhD studentship: Domain specific optimisations for real-time image processing on heterogeneous FPGA+CPU+GPU

[2019-2023] (Scotland's Rural College/Univresity of Stirling: £79K) PhD studentship: Improving animal health in marine ecosystem using data mining and signal/image processing